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#2 HM
3X2 ft clean steel.No non ferrous. Can include #1HM and P&S
#1 HM
Machine Shop Turnings
Becker Iron & Metal Products We Purchase & Sell
3X2 ft Clean heavy guage steel. Tractor parts, truck parts. Can include P&S. No non ferrous. 
Machine shop steel turnings free of excess oil and garbage.
3X2 ft clean plate and structural material. Steel pipe, beams, carbon steel plate. 
Cast Iron
#1 Bundles
5x2 ft clean cast iron. Cast iron pipe (no lead joints) auto cast, truck brake drums, broken machinery, counter weights (no lead). 
Clean compressed sheet metal. Specs TBD
OTM and Rail Scrap

2 ft in length all railroad scrap. Generally same price as 3ft P&S
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Shredded Scrap (Frag)